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The past week has been a busy one.


Last Monday, we closed on our dream home. It’s not a dream home in the sense that it has everything we could ever possibly want in a house. Honestly, it doesn’t. The kitchen is small, we have to park our cars on the street, and the basement is unfinished.

But it is an old home – pushing 100 years old – that oozes charm. It is in a beautiful neighborhood that feeds into one of the best schools in the area. It has a small backyard surrounded by a picture-perfect fence. It has everything we could possibly need and a whole lot that we want.

It is a house you raise a kid in. And that was our dream.

It also had wallpaper.



Yeah. Graffiti wallpaper. In the master bedroom. Yeah.

Luckily, I hired the best painters in the Lehigh Valley and in just two days, we had bedrooms that look like this:


Formerly the Graffiti Wall. (See the trim around the window? That’s Old House Charm, folks.)

With the painting nearing completion a whole lot faster than we anticipated, we decided it was time to visit our storage units. You know, the two huge units that hold all of our Earthly Possessions. (Minus some clothes, toys and electronics, which have lived with us at the in-laws’ house. Priorities always in tact.)

Storage unit 1 of 2.

Storage unit 1 of 2.

The picture doesn’t do it justice. It is very tall, it is very deep, and it was very packed.

So there is much cleaning, organizing, unloading, reloading and unpacking happening around here.

In less than two weeks, we’ll be in our home.

How sweet it will be.