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Two weeks in, it’s safe to say Ryan is still adjusting to preschool. We had one epically awful morning where he simply was not in favor of the whole thing and so one or two shoes were thrown at my face.

Other than that, drop-off and pick-up is going pretty well.

The teacher usually gives me a short, one-sentence summary of how he did that day. Like, “He had an issue with listening¬†today,” or “He did better today.”

But then we get in the car and Ryan tells me the real story.

On Friday, for example, we chatted about school as we drove home. He told me all about snack time and how he played with dinosaurs. I asked whether he had circle time and he said, “Yes; I sat on the letter E!”

“Oooooh, that’s a good letter. Did you have fun in circle time?”

“Yes. Buuuuut, I yelled at my friend and then Mrs. Lee told me I can’t yell.”

“You yelled at your friend? Why did you yell at your friend?”

“Because he was crying.”

“Why was he crying?”

“Because his mommy left.”

“Oh, so he must have been feeling sad that his mommy left, huh?”

“Yes … but she came back …” *

Today, he told me all about the fun time he had playing with animals.

“I picked a lion! But then my friend took my lion from me.”

“Well, that wasn’t very nice of your friend, was it?”

“No, so I threw a giraffe at her.”

I was silent for a moment as I pondered how to respond. Before I could come up with the right words, he yelled a little louder, just to be sure I heard him.


I gave him a brief lecture about how it’s not nice to take someone’s toy but it’s not ok to respond by throwing things. Use your words, blah blah blah. To which he responded:¬†“Uh-huh.”

Yeah, so, he’s still adjusting. But at least he’s honest?



*Said the hypocrite who threw the epically awful tantrum about the very same thing just four days earlier.