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I don’t remember doing a whole lot of imaginative play as a kid. You know, like where you have a few action figures or dolls or whatever and you make up some kind of situation and act it out.

I was more of a board game/books/coloring sort of kid.* I did like dolls, but I think I mostly dressed them and did their hair. Once they looked put-together, I moved on.

If I wasn’t that into it as a kid, you can imagine how I feel about it as an adult.

I am totally happy to paint, chalk up my back porch, cut shapes out of Play-Doh or work my way through a giant floor puzzle. But if you hand me a stuffed horse and say “play animals with me!” I will struggle to not sigh very loudly in your face.

The big plastic dolphin is splashing in the water! In the middle of the restaurant! How very unlikely!

The big plastic dolphin just splashed in the water! In the middle of the restaurant! Everybody watch out or whatever!

I want to encourage his creativity, his imagination. But how many times can one pretend to eat a tiny plastic ear of corn before one wants to flush said ear of corn down the toilet?**

I try. I really do. Just the other day, I was very convincing as the big T-Rex that was afraid of the little goat, despite logically knowing there is no way a T-Rex would EVER be scared of a meek little goat. EVER.

I decided that performance was so good that I deserved at least a week (a lifetime?) off from any and all pretend play.

Am I the only one? Is this a fake-it-till-you-make-it situation? Is this why people have more than one child?



*You know, a nerd.

**Ditto to the plastic pile of carrots. And the lemon. And the hamburger bun.