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Five years ago today, this happened…


A few days later, we arrived here…

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

We spent ten glorious days at an all-inclusive resort with a stunning view and an endless supply of Mexican beer.

We will come back here, we said. A pact. Every five years, on our anniversary, we’ll come right back hereNo matter what.

You know where we’re actually going for our fifth anniversary? To our own living room, with Chinese takeout and a rented movie in tow.

(And we can’t wait.)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past five years, it’s that you can’t package your future up into a perfect little box with a pretty little bow on top. Life is beautiful and messy and, mostly, unpredictable.

Our life might not look exactly the way we would have predicted five years ago. We have one child, not two. I’m home full time, not working a 9-5 dream job. We’re in Pennsylvania, not Arizona. We’re spending our money this week on a new roof and gutters, not a weeklong getaway in Cabo.

But we’re happy.

Our first five years of married life were full. We experienced parenthood, job loss, a cross-country move. We fought, we made up. We took countless road trips, created thousands of memories. We had

I don’t know where life will take us over the next five years. I won’t pretend I can chart that course.

What I do know is this: Five years ago, I married my best friend. On our wedding day, our photographer looked through her lens and told me that my eyes sparkle more when Mike is near me.

I suspect they still do.


Happy anniversary, Mike.