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I moved Back East for fall.

That’s an oversimplification but it’s sort of true.

I wanted Ryan to grow up with the sort of memories I have as a child. Distinct seasons, soft grass, colorful leaves, a crispness in the air that signals an end to summer, a start to school, the too-tiny window of time between too-hot and too-cold.

In Arizona, we had a gloriously long spring. We obviously had plenty of summer. And the thing most people don’t realize about the desert is that the winters can be pretty bitter cold. (That whole “at least it’s a dry heat” thing? That same dryness makes the winter temps feel colder, too.)

What we really, truly lacked in Arizona was fall.

So this year, I felt I needed to honor my first real fall in nearly a decade. With Halloween photo cards. Christmas card-quality Halloween cards.

Usually, when I’m creating Christmas cards, I pick out a design I like and then crowbar photos I already have into that design. The end result is always the same: I like the cards. I don’t love them.

I wanted to love these cards. So I thought about them for several weeks. I perused the design options at Tiny Prints and after a bit of indecision (so many cute options!), I chose this card. Simplicity speaks to me and this design grabbed me the first time I saw it.

Now? I just needed Ryan to cooperate with me during the photo shoot.

Easier said than done with a three-year-old who has his own agenda every second of every day. I knew I couldn’t plan it. I knew the opportunity would make itself known. So, I sat back patiently and waited.

Sure enough, one morning a couple of weeks ago, Ryan woke up in his Halloween jammers desperately wanting to play outside.

I don’t know, buddy … it’s early and the gutter guy is coming soon … well, alright, you can play outside for a little bit … UH … IF you wear your dinosaur head and pose for Mommy’s camera first …

He pretended to be fully on board, made me all sorts of promises about looking at the camera and following direction. Then we went outside and I got a bunch of this:


Fall misery.

Dude. Come ON. You’re a dinosaur! Have fun with it!

Fake smile #1

Fake smile #1

Fake smile #2

Fake smile-ish #2

Ok. This is not working…

Ryan, run toward me! Run at Mommy!


Ok, now we’re getting somewhere. BUT, we need scary!


That’s not so much “scary” as it is “hopeful for candy.” What else you got?


Hahaha, I get it! You’re all “Milk Duds?!? Where’s my Kit Kat, fool??” Funny! But I need scary.




AH-HA! This I can work with…

Halloween card sensored

It only took five minutes, seven “if-you-don’t-do-this-for-me-you’re-not-playing-outside” threats and twenty-two snapshots before we got the perfect pose.

Overall, pretty painless for our first attempt at a staged photo card shoot.

And according to the text messages I’ve been receiving this week from family, the card is a hit.


Disclaimer: Tiny Prints did not pay me for this post, although they were gracious enough to offer me a credit to try their product. I’m not a frequent product review blogger and only consider it when the brand is one I personally connect with and offers a product I truly feel comfortable recommending.