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There is a story my family likes to tell about the first time my parents took me to a baseball game in Cleveland. I was maybe 5 or 6 years old and my mom excitedly told me we were going to see the Indians!

We found our seats in the stadium and watched as the players ran onto the field and started the game. I sat through an inning or two before turning to my mom and asking, “Where are the Indians?”

I had been patiently waiting for a tribe of Native Americans to arrive.

I thought of that story last week when I was trying to convince Ryan that it was a good idea for us to go to McDonald’s together.

Me: Are you ready go to McDonald’s? You’re going to love it! You can play at the PlayPlace and then we’ll get lunch!

Ryan: No animals! I wanna go to the playground with the rainbow slide!

Me: No, the playground with the rainbow slide is outside. The one at McDonald’s is inside. It’s too rainy to go to the one with the rainbow slide, so let’s go to McDonald’s instead.

Ryan: I don’t want the animals!! I want the playground!

Me: I don’t know why you keep talking about animals, but I promise you’ll love McDonald’s. 


Me: Ohhhhhhhhh …. no, buddy …. this is different. This isn’t Old MacDonald’s farm; it’s a restaurant with a playground and french fries.

Ryan: Oh, ok! Let’s go!

The only animal I encountered was this guy when I put the fries down in front of him.

Just say the magic words, “french fries,” and he’s on board.