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My kid is simultaneously awesome and terrible at taking school photos.

Although this is Ryan’s first year of preschool, it’s not his first go-around with school pictures.

When we lived in Phoenix, we always referred to Ryan’s daycare as “school.” The daycare officials agreed, going so far as to arrange for semi-annual school pictures.

Ryan’s results varied widely.

For his first ever school picture, at just 13 months old, he pulled this out:


Fall 2011

Guys, that was taken on his first day in a new day care. We switched him to that daycare that.freaking.morning and he managed to look like Ryan, Attorney-at-Law.

At that daycare, they take pictures both in the fall and the spring (I guess in hopes that you’ll get at least one decent set each year). The following spring, at 19 months old? He gifted us with this gem:


Spring 2012

AH! Jesus, kid, what happened to you?!?

I can’t explain that photo. When I picked him up that day, he seemed fine, not tortured.

That was the last school picture taken in Arizona (thankfully?) because he was absent on photo day the next fall and then we moved to PA a week before the spring 2013 photos were taken.

Once we got Ryan settled into preschool in Pennsylvania, we started receiving forms for the upcoming school picture day. The catch? They wanted you to pay in advance.

Oh, you could pay later, if you wanted to. After you’ve, you know, SEEN the photos. But it would cost you a whole lot more.

I was a little irritated to have to choose and pay for a package of photos without even having seen the photo, given the fact that my kid is clearly unpredictable with these things.

I bought a package anyway. Because honestly, look at that Spring 2012 picture again. That’s hilarious. Dude is MISERABLE. Good or bad, I wanted copies.

I’ll tell you what I was secretly hoping for. The big cheesy smile. I’m talking about this one:


For the past six months, whenever I ask Ryan to smile for a photo, that’s what he does. It’s so him-right-now, and I would be perfectly happy to have the cheesy smile memorialized forever in his first preschool photos.

I may have even coached him on the way into school that morning. A few little “Now, when they tell you to smile, remember: Give them your biiiiiiiiiiigest, cheeeeeeesiest smile!!!”

But I didn’t get the big cheesy smile. What I got was even better.


Holy jeez, the handsomeness. The maturity. The shirt with the collar reminiscent of Cam from Modern Family. Perfection.

I’m going to buy an even bigger package next year. Cuz if history repeats itself, we’ve got an epically awful picture coming our way in 2014.