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Last week, Ryan got a belated Christmas gift from Mike’s aunt and uncle.

He had no idea what it was. He stared at it for a moment and then attempted a guess: “This is … a train?”

It’s a camera, we laughed. You can take pictures with it, we told him. Like Mommy does with her phone, we explained.

A demonstration was in order.


“Ohhhhhhhh! Let me do it!”

He has since set about photographing our lives.


“Smile, Mommy! That’s a good one.”

Some shots were strictly documentary.


Uncle Dick eating a slice of pizza.

Others were more artistic.


Silhouette of a sippy cup.

Some sought to illustrate his tiny stature.


Helloooooo up there.

Several shots – 24 to be exact – attempted to capture the essence of a cold, rainy East Coast day.


“I’m taking pictures of you driving, Mommy!”

One captured our favorite moment of every day.

Daddy's home!

Daddy’s home!

And several more documented the way Mike and I stand in the kitchen to chat about the day.


Wine is required.

At bedtime, we made sure to photograph every important object in his room, including his door, both windows, his play kitchen, his hat rack and his pillow.


Oh, and his fan.


Also, his wall decor.

Then we decided it was time to attempt a good old-fashioned selfie.


Apparently we need more practice with this skill.

Finally, he took 14 pictures of his sheets before falling asleep.


He does his best work when he’s slightly sleep-deprived. A true artist.

It’s nice to no longer shoulder all the family photography responsibilities.

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