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{I’m over at Mamalode today, writing about the clash between babyish innocence and preschool peer pressure.}

Ryan held the book up for his friend to see.

“Look at this,” he breathed excitedly. “It’s called Charlie Brown Halloween. AND I have the movie. We could watch it.”

He’d been excited about this play date for the past 24 hours, which, for a 4-year-old, is akin to 24 years.

His friend, who is Ryan’s elder by six months, sighed impatiently.

“That Charlie Brown guy is for babies,” he schooled him.

Ryan stood still, a blank look on his face. I watched his confusion grow as he suggested they play dinosaurs instead. Then cars, then Barrel of Monkeys.

The response was the same each time: “I don’t play with baby toys.”

With each comment, I drew in another sharp breath. This can’t happen yet, I thought. It’s too soon.

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