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My mom-in-law’s birthday falls right after Christmas. Since I typically use up all my best ideas at Christmas, I struggled a bit with what to get her.

I settled on a bottle of wine, a gift card to the state liquor store (more wine!) and a homemade gift from Ryan.

It was received rather well and might be my go-to gift formula for her from now on.

Anyway, I’d seen something similar to this on Pinterest and set out to replicate it.

Make a Handprint Bouquet in Five Easy Steps


Step One: Cut a vase shape out of a piece of construction paper. Lay it over a sheet of white paper and hold it in place while the kid paints his heart out, encouraging him to hit all the edges.


Lift the construction paper off and the vase is done.


Step Two: Dip the kid’s hands in paint and place onto a second piece of white paper. (You could do it straight on the paper with the vase if you’re brave. I’m not.)


Step Three: Let the handprints dry, cut them out and tape to the first paper. Use green paint or markers to make stems.


Step Four: Frame it. I like to frame artwork we give as gifts. It dresses it up and makes it feel a little more special.

Then give to a grandparent cuz grandparents are ALWAYS impressed.

Step Five: Gift it. In my experience, grandparents are usually particularly impressed.

I like this craft because it has so many easy variations. If you have more than one kid, you can use handprints from each one. You could use several paint colors on the vase. You could make each flower a different color. I kept it simple this time so I could keep Ryan’s attention long enough to complete it (he even helped me sign it “Love, Ryan”).

Maybe someone will help him make me one for Mother’s Day. Hint-hint-hint-Mike-hint-hint-hint.