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If there was ever an age I wish I could bottle up, it is this one.

The conversations Ryan and I have been having lately feel strangely complete. It’s not just that he knows what I’m saying – he’s understood most of my words for a long time now. But all of a sudden he seems to understand more complex concepts that just a few weeks ago would have been too hard for him to grasp or at least too difficult to vocalize himself.

It is surreal to watch this little person develop his own sense of humor, his own empathy for the pain of others. I have been jotting notes to myself and taking tons of video of him recently. The things he says are so funny or so sweet that I’m afraid if I don’t capture it, each one will float away and be lost forever as the next cute thing comes whirling out of his mouth.

I want to share some of those notes I’ve taken. Because for as much as I will shout from the rooftops that Age Three is rough, rough, rough, it is also so very special and innocent and sweet.


Ryan: Wait, come back! Where are you going, Mommy?

Me: I have to go on the potty.*

Ryan: Oh, ooooookkkk. Just be careful, Mommy.


(Trying to plan a “Family Movie Night.”)

Ryan: Mommy … I don’t want a family movie. I want to watch my show, Paw Patrol.

Me: Oh. But I wanted us all to watch a movie together… We were going to watch A Bug’s Life!

Ryan: It’s ok, it’s ok. Maybe tomonnow.** Maybe tomonnow I could go to sleep and then we could watch a family movie, the bug movie. Maybe tomonnow.


(Arriving home as Ryan needs to use the potty.)

Ryan: I gotta get inside our house and go on the potty! I won’t go pee-pees in my pants. That would be mean.


(After I drew a flower on a piece of paper for him.)

Ryan: I’m gonna cut your flower with my scissors! Hahahaha!

Me, with a sad face: Noooooo!!

Ryan: I’m just kidding. I just really love you.


Me: You know, Nan’s birthday is coming up soon.

Ryan OH! I forgot.


(Telling Ryan that a nagging pain in my neck is getting worse.)

Ryan: I know it’s hard, Mommy. But you’re safe. I’m your friend and I will keep you safe.


(Talking about how he is going to grow to be much taller.)

R: I don’t want to be tall! I want to be a small big boy.


(After Ryan banged a door into my arm.)

Me: Ow!

Ryan: Oh, I’m sorry, Mommy! I was just playing around. Let me give you a kiss. Now DON’T TOUCH IT! It’ll heal, but you can’t touch it.


Me: Ryan, you need to take your hands out of your pockets when you’re walking down the steps. If you trip while your hands are in your pockets, you’ll fall right on your face. It will really hurt.

Ryan: But if I take my hands out of my pockets, they will get cold. So how ’bout I just be careful on the steps?



*I actually think the word “potty” instead of restroom or bathroom these days. Time for me to get out more.

**The day he finally learns how to correctly pronounce “tomorrow” is going to be the day I sob uncontrollably.