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We’re still sensory-activity’ing it up around here. In case you were wondering.

I am particularly loving right now because sensory activities take much less planning and happen much more organically when you can, you know, go OUTSIDE.

(I’m officially reacclimatized to the East Coast, taking a jab at winter when it isn’t even winter.)

First and foremost, nothing entertains my kid for long stretches of time like a sandy beach and an ocean shore:



Unfortunately, we live a few hours from the beach, so that can’t happen every day. But what can happen practically every day (as long as it doesn’t rain) is this:


If it does rain, we ditch the pool in search of the neighborhood’s best puddles:


Yet, it’s July already (wha-huh?), so even those activities are starting to get a bit redundant. So back to Pinterest I go, in search of outdoor sensory activities. My new favorite is …


I used an old muffin tin that was long past its prime (you could also use a leftover plastic cupcake holder from a store/bakery or a bunch of disposable plastic cups). I filled the cups a little less than halfway with corn starch, added an equal amount of water and then several drops of food coloring.


The more food coloring you use, the more vibrant your paint will dry. I added tons of color for the yellow paint thinking that color might be too light on the sidewalk … it turned out to be the most brilliant of the batch.


This looks like a messy project, but it really wasn’t. I kept wipes nearby for our hands and a downpour the next day washed away the rest.

My mom got into it, too.

My mom got into it, too.

I’m not done, though. I also want to do:

And on and on and on. I hope that one day, many years from now, Ryan will look back on his childhood and say, “Wow, my mom dreamed up some wildly random activities for me as a kid.”

For more sensory (or just plain fun) ideas, visit my Sensory Play Page on the blog or my Activities for Kids board on Pinterest where I pin all the awesome sensory magic I can find. Also, if you have a fun summer craft/activity idea for kids, please comment here so we can all benefit from your creativity.