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For nearly four years, I have been mesmerized by my son’s eyes.

When he was brand new, he had those deep blue newborn eyes that are so common. They were a beautiful nighttime ocean blue, but we knew they wouldn’t stay that way.



Since then, it’s been a gradual yet persistent change as new colors creep in. By sixth months old, green was pushing the blue to the edges.

edited 1-family-walbert-0039

Six months

By the time Ryan reached 1 year, his eyes had turned a deep green unlike anything I’d ever seen, earning him the nickname “green eyes” for a while. A camera never could quite capture their magic. His one-year photo shoot was closest we ever came to documenting them.


One year old

But soon, a rich brown began pushing against the green and by age 2, most people were commenting about his “beautiful brown eyes.”


Two years old

We thought maybe that was it, but the brown somehow lightened and the green around the edges became more defined.

walbert family-17

Three years old

Now, his eyes look different every day. The color changes or deepens depending on the light or his outfit or his mood.

Case in point: these pictures were taken on the same weekend trip to Cape May earlier this summer:





What has remained consistent is that regardless of their color, his eyes have always brimmed with emotion, intelligence and passion. I often turn to him with a thought, a reprimand or a compliment, and stumble in thought when he meets my gaze with such intensity.

He’s my little blue-eyed/green-eyed/brown-eyed wonder.