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At the beginning of the summer, in all my YAYSUMMERYAY exuberance, I created a seasonal bucket list.

I always view these as more of a guide than a hard-and-fast/live-or-die/must-must-must-do-it-all sort of thing. Still, it motivated me on those occasional uninspiring weeks. I think we did pretty well.

Summer Bucket List 2014-complete

Look. Homemade crab cakes were never gonna happen. It’s one of those things that sounds quintessential summer, until you realize it sounds way more appealing if someone else is cooking them for you. Luckily, we went to Ocean City, Maryland last week on our annual family vacation and we had our fill of better-than-homemade crab cakes. Off the hook!

You’d think “Nature Walks” would have been pretty easy to cross off the list. I tried. Today. Yes, in preparation for this post. It did not go well:

Me: Ryan, do you want to go on a NATURE WALK today?!?!?

Ryan: Uhhhhmmm. No thank you.

Me: Really? Why not?

Ryan: Because if I go on a nature walk, I’m going to get too tired. It’s too much walking.

Me: It’s really not that far. You have a lot of energy. You could run for hours.

Ryan: Daddy said I can’t go on nature walks because they’re too dangerous.

Me: Daddy would never say that. Daddy loves nature walks. We’ll look for the best sticks. Also, leaves! And rocks! And bugs!

Ryan, running circles around the room: BUGS?!? NOOOOOO, NOT BUGS!!! NONONONONONOOOOO!

Me: See all the energy you have?!

Anyway, it wasn’t worth fighting for. Plus, we were out of milk. So we went to the grocery store instead. (He was very, very interested in going to the grocery store. Pushing the cart for me + a star-shaped cookie shaped from the bakery for behaving = way better than a couple of dumb sticks.)

We checked everything else off the list, though. Proof:


Swimming. So much swimming. Swim lessons, our little pool, tons of pool parties. It was the Summer of Swimming.


Playdates. He had at least one playdate per week with a friend from preschool or friends from his tumbling class. The zoo, the movies, the science center, the playground, Chuck E. Cheese’s, etc, etc, etc. It kept the kids sane, which in turn kept the moms sane. (No, I don’t always dress Ryan the same as his friends … sometimes it just happens. But you know what? WAY easier to keep track of them all that way.)


Ice cream for dinner. This was the first one we knocked out – on Mother’s Day, in fact. We also had ice cream for lunch, ice cream for dessert and ice cream for snack.


Zoo. Two zoos, actually. A little zoo near Cape May and the Lehigh Valley Zoo (see also: playdates).


Library. Three times, which is enough to be able to easily locate the dinosaur and Curious George sections.


Picnics. We love picnics. We have them in parks, we have them in our backyard, we have them on my bedroom floor.


Iron Pigs Baseball Game. Mike and I took Ryan once (and lasted four innings) and we went once ourselves (and lasted the full nine). I think you know which scenario was more enjoyable.


Puddle splashing. We only did this once. Shocking to me, considering how many times we did it last summer. We just haven’t gotten a lot of long, hard rainstorms this summer – the kind that leave puddles on our street. I’m glad we took advantage of it that day.


BBQs. We love BBQs. We grilled out a lot this summer with family and with friends. On this particular day, the BBQ was a reward for our efforts painting that fence behind Ryan. Please tell me how great it looks.


Chasing fireflies. A terrible photo but the best I could do.

I also discovered tons of holes in my list. All sorts of other awesome things we did that I hadn’t envisioned at the beginning of the summer … roasting marshmallows, twirling sparklers, flying kites, riding rides/playing games at the local fair, feeding ducks. We painted the sidewalk. We found The World’s Most Awesome Playground (not literally, but it’s really really cool and only 20 minutes away). We went to two different beaches and visited family in Ohio and Maryland.

It was such a full summer. A memory-making summer. A bucket-list-worthy summer.

So I’m going to forgive myself for not making homemade crab cakes.