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Happy Fall

As we were driving around yesterday, Ryan said, “Look, Mommy! The leaves are changing color. That means fall is coming next year!”

Which made me realize that:

A) I’m doing a very good job of passing along my love of fall to my son, but

B) Perhaps I need to work a little more on teaching units of time measurement.

Regardless, FALL IS HERE, and I’m stoked. This calls for a seasonal bucket list, don’t you think?

Fall Bucket List 2014

I was finishing the list up this morning and told Mike I had room for one more item but couldn’t figure out what it should be. That’s how “Tailgate at a Penn State Football Game” made the cut, as Mike helpfully pointed out that it could be an annual item on the list.

It’s possible I already crossed a couple of these off the list before the official start of fall (coughPumpkinPiePumpkinSpiceLattePumpkinBeercough)That’s ok. I can do them again.

What’s on your fall bucket list?