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There are moments in life that do more than test you. They strip you down to the core and make you examine exactly who you are, what you are made of, and — sometimes — what you can handle.

Our newest foster son, 10-year-old James, was in our home for three months when we arrived at that moment. That moment often doesn’t happen over night. It’s a long and winding journey. At every turn, you might think, “Ok, now it will get better. Soon; we’ll be able to breathe again soon.” But one final hard turn to the right can make things clear even as you wish they were still foggy.

For the sake of this sweet boy, I won’t publicly say more than this: He has been through a lot. He needs love and stability. He needs to feel wanted. He needs a family he can call his forever. He doesn’t just need those things; he deserves those things. But before that can happen, he also needs and deserves things we simply can’t give him. Sometimes love conquers all; sometimes it falls a little bit short.

He may not be in our home right now, but he is in our hearts and our thoughts constantly. Ryan, Mike and I get to hear his voice every day, and we remind him how much we love him and miss him. Where we go from here, we don’t yet know. But for now, he is ok. Ryan is ok. We’re all ok.