Phase Three of Life

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Mama? No, Baba.

Posted by on May 28, 2012 in baby saying mama, baby saying mama and dada, communicating with a toddler, conversing with a toddler, toddler saying mama, toddler talking | 0 comments

I’ve complained here and there about the fact that Kid still does not say “mama.” I feel I have a right to whine about this. I have been his mother for more than 20 months. I have cleaned messes I couldn’t have even imagined pre-kid. I have been slapped in the face repeatedly. I have bounced, rocked and swayed that kid within an...

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The meaning of “Mama.”

Posted by on Jul 7, 2011 in baby saying mama, baby saying mama and dada, baby's first word, mama and dada, new mom | 10 comments

I recently told you all about the touching way in which Ryan said his first words, “Hi Dada,” the day after Father’s Day. As you might imagine, I have made it my mission in life since then to get him to look me square in the eye and say “Hi Mama.” I’d even settle for just “Mama.” Or “Ma.” Well, he...

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