Phase Three of Life

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Hello, ladies.

Posted by on May 14, 2011 in babies have crushes, baby's first easter, babysitting, eating at a restaurant with a baby | 2 comments

Ryan likes the ladies. I first started to realize this on Easter, when he couldn’t stop staring at “Auntie” Kelly. I tried to keep him in line: “I know, she’s pretty. Very pretty… Ryan, it’s rude to stare.” He repeated the stare a couple weeks later with our babysitter, Zoe. “Yes, she’s pretty, too. Just like Auntie Kelly… But it’s still rude...

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Friends who babysit are akin to gold.

Posted by on Feb 4, 2011 in babysitting, date night | 4 comments

We’re going out tonight. We’re gonna hit the town. Paint it red. Get footloose and fancy-free. Ok, I’m out of cliches. We get to do this because we have FWBs. Friends Who Babysit. Friends fall into one of three categories these days. 1. Those who never offer to babysit. Hey, it’s not their job. We still like them. 2. Those who say,...

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