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A moment.

Posted by on Mar 24, 2012 in abcs of toddlerhood, becoming a toddler, communicating with a toddler, kid sticks finger up nose, toddlers and communication | 0 comments

Tonight, I had a significant moment with my son. Mike was out for the night with some co-workers and I had Ryan all to myself. A “Mommy and Ryan date.” I fed him a dinner of hot dogs and gold fish crackers and sugar cookies (cuz who cares about nutrition on such a special occasion). I gave him a bath and started getting him dressed for bed. He...

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1.5 years.

Posted by on Mar 20, 2012 in becoming a toddler, halfway to second birthday, toddler grows up, toddler is 18 months old | 0 comments

My kid will be 18 months old tomorrow. Halfway between his first birthday and second birthday. Which kind of blows my mind, because I feel like I freakin’ just did the whole party hoopla. In some ways, I think the past six months have been the hardest so far. He became a full-blown walker. So now when we’re out in public and he wants to walk,...

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He’s talking! In his own way.

Posted by on Oct 20, 2011 in becoming a toddler, kids have their own language, my kid doesn't talk, toddler learning to talk, toddlers and talking | 0 comments

You might think my kid doesn’t talk. And you’d sort of be right. After all, “ba-ba-ba” could mean many things. (Bottle? Belle? Baklava?) So he doesn’t speak, exactly, but he does have a knack for making himself perfectly understood. Allow me to translate… If he tries to dive-bomb out of your arms, that means he would like to be held by the person standing...

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We gave in. We’re baby-proofing.

Posted by on Aug 15, 2011 in baby gates, baby proofing, becoming a toddler | 0 comments

I think I’ve been living with one foot planted firmly in the Land of Baby-Proofing Denial. Surely Ryan is not old enough to warrant full baby proofing. We cannot be at that stage, because 20 minutes ago, I was holding a sleepy little newborn in my arms. And 10 minutes ago, he was just learning to sit up on his own. Yesterday, I snapped out of it....

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