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Diary of a cautious kid: A day at the Splash Pad.

Posted by on May 18, 2012 in cautious toddler, cautious toddler at splash pad, toddlers and water, toddlers at splash pad | 0 comments

What… in… the… It’s some sort of… water… thing… ? Alright. I will take onnneeeee step… Nope, no, wait. I need… my own bottle of water first. Yes, this will help me to acclimate to the idea of larger quantities of water. And now I watch. And wait. And watch some more. Perhaps I should go sit down and...

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Ryan is reserved.

Posted by on Jan 11, 2012 in baby's first steps, cautious toddler, my kid is reserved, toddlers and walking | 0 comments

He’s cautious. Contemplative. Wary. Thoughtful. He’s generally just not really sure¬†about things. When Ryan was 11 months old, I would have sworn he’d be walking by his first birthday. He was pulling himself up constantly and cruising along furniture. For many kids, that would mean that walking was just around the corner. But not for...

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