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Fun Toddler Stuff.

Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in cute toddler behavior, fun toddler stuff, toddler funny, why toddlers are fun | 0 comments

After yesterday’s rant about Toddler Whining and How Unacceptable It Is, I figured I should balance things out today. Lest I seem like I’m always annoyed with my kiddo, which is not the case. (Just on Sunday nights.) Fun things: 1. When Ryan knows he’s in trouble, he breaks out his most charming smile and says “Hi, Mommy! Hi, Mommy!...

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All is forgiven.

Posted by on Feb 7, 2012 in cute toddler behavior, cuteness outweighs tantrums, toddler cuteness | 0 comments

On Saturday, I wrote about how my kid had his first epic meltdown in public. This morning, Mike was getting ready to walk out the door to take Ryan to daycare. Ryan leaned toward me for a kiss, straightened back up, waved and called out “byyyyeeeee!” I promptly melted into a puddle on the laundry room floor. Moral of the story: Kid can act like...

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