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iPPP: New house and not-so-new baseball

Posted by on Oct 5, 2011 in babies and baseball, decorating new home, first house, iphone photo phun, iphone pictures, iPPP, turning 30 years old | 0 comments

This week’s highlights, brought to you by my Palm Pre and the iPhone Photo Phun linkup.  We got the keys to our very first (rented) house! Mike is 30. I am quickly approaching 30. It was time to not share walls (and dirty front porches) with the neighbors, don’t you think? We got the keys on Friday and promptly ordered a pizza and cracked open...

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My phone is as cluttered as my brain.

Posted by on Sep 28, 2011 in decorating new home, iphone photo phun, iphone pictures, new house, random cute kid picture, shopping for new home | 0 comments

Are you ready for some… We’re moving. I have much to say on the topic, but no time to say it cuz I am too busy packing and/or hemorrhaging money all over the city of Phoenix as I attempt to decorate a home I do not yet live in. This is why my phone is currently cluttered with pictures like the following, as I wander through stores:  Oooooh,...

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