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My quest for The Flow.

Posted by on May 8, 2012 in breaking the flow, ear infection after tubes, ear infections and toddlers, life's little inconveniences, toddler illnesses, toddler is sick | 0 comments

It seems like we’re always trying to achieve The Flow. You know, that sweet spot where predictability and routine and happiness collide. But life is full of anti-flow inconveniences. Your check-engine light comes on, you forget to reorder contact lenses before you run out, your water heater leaks all over your laundry room. It usually comes out of...

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Ears! Again! And ornaments.

Posted by on Dec 5, 2011 in babies and ear infections, christmas, christmas with a toddler, ear infection after tubes, ear infections and toddlers, holidays with a kid, toddlers and holidays | 0 comments

I really want to whine right now. I want to bemoan the uttering of the phrase “double ear infection” and the even more dreaded “can’t see the tubes.” I want rail about the fact that my kid is – once again – on two different antibiotics that I have approximately zero percent confidence will do anything positive at...

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