Phase Three of Life

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Something has to give. It shall be my nails.

Posted by on Sep 26, 2011 in a heel-wearing mama, frump mom syndrome, frumpy, moms and heels, no time to take care of nails | 0 comments

I’ve always had nice nails. The kind that the dental hygienist will comment on while she’s in the middle of digging in your mouth (and then you sort of mumble-gasp a “thank you” cuz that’s the best you can do while your teeth are being buffed.) Since having a kid, I have been very determined to not become the stereotypical...

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I’m a bag lady.

Posted by on Feb 1, 2011 in bags, frumpy | 6 comments

I decided early on that I would be a stylish mom. No “frump” for this momma, no way. I will rock leggings and high high boots. I will keep wearing all the jewelry I love. I will take time to style my hair. Well. Let me tell you why moms are frumpy: Whenever you have a good hair day, your kid will inevitably grab a big chunk and yank it around...

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