Phase Three of Life

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I cry for dumb reasons.

Posted by on Feb 23, 2011 in crying, growing, new mom | 6 comments

Like the fact that my kid can sit on his own for about two seconds before toppling over. Yeah, that made me cry. Because just a few months ago, he didn’t do much more than eat, sleep and suck on his binky. And now he chats all.the.time and puts weight on his legs when you stand him up. He eats oatmeal (well, sort of). He smiles when I walk into a...

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Ryan = Weed

Posted by on Jan 26, 2011 in growing, solid food, weight | 2 comments

I knew the boy was getting big. I could tell this because 1. I held him quite a bit on Sunday, and my arms felt like wet noodles for the next 24 hours and 2. I can hardly carry him in the car seat anymore. A few more weeks, and I’ll have to carry him to the car before I put him in the seat. He had his fourth month check-up yesterday, and the doctor...

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