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Back in my groove. I hope.

Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in back in my groove, birthday planning, family stress, grasping at the positives, kid birthday party, second birthday planning, stressful week, toddler second birthday | 0 comments

After what can only be described as a rough few weeks, I think things are calming down. And by “calming down,” I mean “still-really-super-hectic-and-emotional-but-grasping-at-the-positive.” I’m in the throes of Second Birthday Planning. (As an aside: I just realized that my kid turns two in a matter of days. Dude is getting all grown up. SniffTear.)...

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The party.

Posted by on Sep 10, 2011 in baby's first birthday, baby's first birthday party, fiesta birthday, kid birthday party | 0 comments

How is it that one year can feel like both a fleeting moment and an eternity? We celebrated Ryan’s birthday today (the party was 10 days early, so the sappy “Dear Ryan, you’re a year old, holy CRAP!” post is forthcoming). Once all the toys were opened and mounds of cake were consumed, he crashed. Mike and I peeked in on our sleeping...

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