Phase Three of Life

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Parents take the fun out of everything.

Posted by on Jul 24, 2011 in babies and ear infections, causing fears in your kid, ear infection after tubes, lingering ear infection, sick baby | 3 comments

Three weeks after getting those miraculous, going-to-solve-all-our-problems tubes, Ryan’s got a raging double ear infection. The ear doctor’s reaction? “Wow. Huh. That’s a double ear infection.” (You can see why we pay him the big bucks.) So now Ryan needs ear drops three times a day, as well as a solution of vinegar and warm...

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I have diagnosed him.

Posted by on May 27, 2011 in allergic to air, allergies in babies, asthma in babies, diagnosing your kid, lingering ear infection, stomach viruses in babies | 4 comments

Yesterday morning, it all clicked. I know what’s wrong with my kid. I walked into Ryan’s room as Mike was changing him. The rash that he suddenly developed on Tuesday (in addition to more vomiting that sent us back at the doctor… welcome to my life) kept going away and coming back. “It’s so weird,” Mike said. “I just took his shirt off and it...

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At least his eczema is better?

Posted by on May 6, 2011 in asthma in babies, childhood asthma, lingering ear infection, my kid got pink eye from daycare, teaching your child to use a breathing machine | 6 comments

Yesterday, Ryan went to the doctor. The doctor’s office is sort of like our own little vacation home, only without the sand and the waves and the fun. But we DO take off work frequently to spend a significant amount of time there. We’re pretty sure now that he has asthma. So yesterday I learned how to give breathing treatments to my...

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