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How teething turned my toddler into a demon.

Posted by on Apr 16, 2012 in remedies for teething, teething, teething babies, toddlers and teeth, toddlers and teething | 0 comments

Yesterday, my sweet toddler turned into Demon Child. Nothing made him happy. No, that’s not true. One thing made him happy. One thing quieted the screaming — Mom holding him while standing up. Mom was not allowed to sit down and hold him. Mom was not allowed to lay down with him or rock him. And Dad was certainly not allowed to be in the...

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When in doubt, just ask daycare.

Posted by on Jun 9, 2011 in babies and teeth, daycare, daycare and teething, new mom, teething | 5 comments

For five months, I have said the phrase “he must be teething” at least once a week. Whenever Ryan gets a low fever, gets extra fussy or starts drooling a ton, I figure we’re finally getting some teeth. And then we don’t. So when Ryan started drooling like a maniac over the weekend, we were cautiously optimistic. “Maaaaybe...

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Traveling to Ohio, Part III: The trip home.

Posted by on Mar 24, 2011 in airplanes and babies, binky clip, new mom, teething, traveling | 5 comments

My kid travels well. Except when he doesn’t. What I mean is, he’s either really good or he really isn’t. He’s either totally conked out for hours or he’s a big ball of teething misery who refuses to take even the tiniest of cat naps. The flight to Ohio was a dream. Well, as much of a dream as a cross-country trip with a...

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