Phase Three of Life

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Ryan is French.

Posted by on Apr 30, 2012 in toddler language develop, toddler language skills, toddlers and foreign language, toddlers and talking | 0 comments

We sing the alphabet to Ryan a lot. Sometimes that song is the only thing that will calm him down when he’s feeling especially ornery.¬†Both of his parents are writers, so perhaps he is genetically predisposed to find comfort in letters and words.* Previously, the best you could hope for in response was for the current whining/yelling to end. If you...

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I annoy myself when I talk in the third person.

Posted by on Dec 27, 2011 in referring to myself in the third person, toddler language develop, toddlers and talking | 0 comments

There is something I cannot figure out about myself and it is this: If it is the case that 1.) talking in the third person annoys the living stuff out of me and 2.) it’s not at all proper or good grammar or a habit I want my kid to develop… then why.can’t.I.stop? Why do I say “Can you close the door for Mommy?” rather than...

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