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Lessons from swimming.

Posted by on May 31, 2012 in toddler hates swim lessons, toddler swim classes, toddlers and swim lessons, toddlers and swimming pools | 1 comment

I learned some very important information yesterday. 1. My kid may never enjoy swimming. He very well might yell every second he is held hostage in a pool from now until he’s 13.* Or maybe he will hate every second of it except for the time he is allowed to float on his back. A fleeting moment of serenity. Don’t let it fool you. He is...

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Bits of this and that.

Posted by on Apr 3, 2012 in definition of tor, king of the mountain, stream of consciousness, toddler baptism, toddler swim classes, words with friends | 0 comments

Work has been really busy the past couple of weeks, sucking up most of my brain power.* As such, I do not have much left over to conjure up any sort of eloquent blog post. Therefore, welcome to my stream of consciousness…** I wonder how can I get it through my kid’s head that it’s not “Uh-oh!” if you throw the sippy cup on...

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