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A moment.

Posted by on Mar 24, 2012 in abcs of toddlerhood, becoming a toddler, communicating with a toddler, kid sticks finger up nose, toddlers and communication | 0 comments

Tonight, I had a significant moment with my son. Mike was out for the night with some co-workers and I had Ryan all to myself. A “Mommy and Ryan date.” I fed him a dinner of hot dogs and gold fish crackers and sugar cookies (cuz who cares about nutrition on such a special occasion). I gave him a bath and started getting him dressed for bed. He...

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My kid is a philosopher.

Posted by on Feb 29, 2012 in toddler doesn't say mama, toddlers and communication, toddlers and talking, toddlers and vocabulary | 0 comments

At least that’s what his daycare teacher says. “He think,” she once told me in her thick Yugoslavian accent. “He sit and he think. In my country, we say he’s philosopher.” Up until now, the kid may have thought a lot but never found it particularly necessary to speak. He’d been stuck with just “Dada”...

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An open letter to my son re: communication.

Posted by on Feb 24, 2012 in letter to my son, letter to my toddler, toddlers and communication, toddlers and learning language | 0 comments

Dearest Ryan, It would be great if you could do Mommy a favor and learn a couple of key definitions. First and foremost, that awesome “more” sign you perfected? Just to review, “more” means that you want additional quantities of something you’re already consuming. For example, if you’re eating Cheerios and decide you...

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