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M.F.M.F.: Putting up the family pictures.

Posted by on Nov 11, 2011 in family pictures, mfmf, my favorite moment friday, toddlers and photo shoots | 0 comments

It’s another My Favorite Moment Friday! My favorite moment this week is pretty darn fleeting and ordinary. You might think I need a little more excitement in my life. You might be right. I prefer to think I’m just sentimental. I love photos. I feel an emotional connection to my favorites, usually because I can remember how I felt or what I was...

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Proof of my kid’s cuteness.

Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in adorable baby photos, cutest kid ever, toddler photo shoot, toddlers and photo shoots | 0 comments

I am tempted to tell you that my kid is the cutest kid that ever lived. However, I am aware that if you have children of your own (or even particularly cute nieces, nephews, cousins, whatever), you likely are already convinced that they hold that title. But I think I can make a solid argument that Ryan at least belongs somewhere in the Top Five Cutest...

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