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Toddlers are like …

Posted by on Jan 31, 2012 in toddler habits, toddlers acting crazy, toddlers and pregnant women eating habits | 0 comments

A couple weeks back, I made what I think is a pretty convincing case that toddlers are a lot like pregnant women. Yesterday, Amanda over at It’s Blogworthy made an equally compelling argument that toddlers actually bear a strong resemblance to drunk people. I see her point. It’s also possible, in my experience, that their toy-snatching skills...

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A toddler is sort of like a pregnant woman.

Posted by on Jan 12, 2012 in how toddlers are like pregnant women, toddlers and eating, toddlers and picky eating, toddlers and pregnant women eating habits | 0 comments

First, they don’t want to eat at all. Food? Yuck. All of a sudden one day, oatmeal sounds REALLY good. They LOVE oatmeal. All they want in the world is oatmeal. That waffle you’re offering is an insult. Cuz it’s not oatmeal. Therefore how dare you. The next day, oatmeal is gross. Beyond gross. So gross that “gross”...

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