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Top Toddler Traveling Tip.

Posted by on Jul 15, 2012 in family beach vacation, Number One Top Tip for Traveling with Toddlers, tips for traveling with a toddler, traveling with a baby, traveling with a toddler | 0 comments

Well, then. I’m back. I’m tempted to give you the minute-by-minute replay of The Flight(s) From Hell. Also, The Car Ride(s) From Hell. But I really can’t complain because there was also a lot of this: And views like this:   Not to mention, Sponge Bob Happy Hours: We were at the beach with my in-laws for a week. It was hard to get there...

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What good karma can get you (or not).

Posted by on Jun 20, 2011 in babies on airplanes, new mom and traveling, pennsylvania, traveling, traveling with a baby | 7 comments

My mom likes to say that I have a little grey cloud over my head that follows me around.  Nothing truly bad has ever happened to me, but I seem to be constantly dealing with little logistical annoyances. Like a broken washer right before a weekend road trip. That finally gets repaired two weeks after it initially breaks. But then still doesn’t work. So...

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