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What good karma can get you (or not).

Posted by on Jun 20, 2011 in babies on airplanes, new mom and traveling, pennsylvania, traveling, traveling with a baby | 7 comments

My mom likes to say that I have a little grey cloud over my head that follows me around.  Nothing truly bad has ever happened to me, but I seem to be constantly dealing with little logistical annoyances. Like a broken washer right before a weekend road trip. That finally gets repaired two weeks after it initially breaks. But then still doesn’t work. So...

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Traveling to Ohio, Part III: The trip home.

Posted by on Mar 24, 2011 in airplanes and babies, binky clip, new mom, teething, traveling | 5 comments

My kid travels well. Except when he doesn’t. What I mean is, he’s either really good or he really isn’t. He’s either totally conked out for hours or he’s a big ball of teething misery who refuses to take even the tiniest of cat naps. The flight to Ohio was a dream. Well, as much of a dream as a cross-country trip with a...

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Traveling to Ohio, Part II: The group photograph.

Posted by on Mar 23, 2011 in new mom, nieces, ohio, photos, traveling | 8 comments

I have three really awesome nieces. Cara is four and a half and is sort of tomboyish. She isn’t the type of girl to dress up like a princess for Halloween – she’d rather be Yoda. She’s into all things planets and outer space, and she has a list of things she would take on a trip to Saturn (juice boxes, a sweater in case it gets...

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Traveling to Ohio, Part 1: Packing.

Posted by on Mar 22, 2011 in airplanes and babies, new mom, ohio, packing, traveling | 5 comments

I hate packing for trips. I hem and haw and hem some more over what to bring. I study the weather reports and try to pack accordingly, but I know it’s inevitable that if I’m traveling, we’ll experience a sudden heat wave the likes of which San Diego has never seen before. Ditto in San Francisco. Or maybe the beginnings of a hurricane in...

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