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Understanding The Toddler.

Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in toddler hard to understand, toddlers and speaking, toddlers and speech, understanding toddler language, understanding toddler speech | 0 comments

After many, many months of what seemed to be futile attempts to understand my kid, I feel as though I finally, a little bit, every-now-and-then get him. Prime example: Tonight, Ryan was saying one word over and over to Mike: “Rah.” “Rah. Rah! Rah,” Ryan said. “Rah. RAH!” Inevitably, Mike became confused and frustrated...

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Deciphering Toddler-speak.

Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in toddler speech, toddlers and talking, toddlers pronouncing words, understanding toddler language | 0 comments

Mike was gone last week, gallivanting around Florida* in celebration of a friend who is getting married soon. He left Thursday night and returned Sunday night and the time really flew by in a whirlwind. That might be because I spent three straight days concentrating on what in the world “bah-day” means. It started on Friday when I picked Ryan...

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