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Swimming sucks.

Posted by on May 2, 2012 in teaching toddler to swim, toddlers and swim lessons, toddlers swimming, whiny toddler | 0 comments

We’re two weeks into Ryan’s swim lessons and Ryan is proving to be less than enthusiastic about the whole thing. Mom: Wanna take a picture together?? Ryan: Can’t. Watching evil pool. Luckily, Mike offered to take on the role of Parent Who Takes Him In The Pool. Which is good because 1. it gives them some male bonding time and 2. I’m...

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The whine.

Posted by on Jan 30, 2012 in gonna lose my mind with all the toddler whining, sick toddler, toddler throws up then whines like crazy, toddler won't stop whining, toddlers and illness, whiny toddler | 0 comments

Ryan threw up four times on Friday. Then he slept for 14 hours, at which point he woke up in a piss-poor mood and began whining. He has been whining ever since. All weekend, he would sign to us that he was hungry. Then he would promptly drop any food we offered him over the side of the high chair.* Then he whined some more. He refused to nap all weekend,...

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